beforeUdig is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the beforeUdig Certified Locator programme. 

Locators will now have the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge certified by industry experts. The certification will formally recognise a locator has a proven capability standard to complete all types of location work to accepted industry standards. This will distinguish them from ‘DIY’ or self-authorised locators as well as identifying them to potential clients and employers as having demonstrated a high level of understanding and practical expertise.

Important Announcement – Removal of Non-Member asset owners from the service.

Auckland is the largest city in New Zealand and the main gateway for air travellers. More than five million international passengers arrived through Auckland Airport in the twelve months prior to August, 2017.

NOT getting “Network Protection” right greatly disrupts the everyday lives of New Zealanders.

Horizon Networks NZ are now using TicketAccess as part of their asset protection and safety program to automatically generate response plans to beforeUdig enquiries showing all of their electrical infrastructure.

GasNet Limited is responsible for providing a range of natural gas network and metering services in the Whanganui, Rangitikei and outlying regions of the North Island in New Zealand.