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Local Authorities (Councils) and Road Authorities require any person intending to dig in the road corridor to apply for and have approved prior to the commencement of works, a Road Opening Consent. PelicanCorp is the owner of the beforeUdig and CorridorAccess services in New Zealand.

Address: 1A Wagener Pl, Mt Albert, Auckland 1025, New Zealand Phone: 0800 248 344 Email: Click Here

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PelicanCorp: Bringing Safety and Protection to the World's Essential Infrastructure



Essential Infrastructure maintenance & renewal

Always perform a beforeUdig request for the presence of any cables and pipes. A CAR request will be generated automatically...

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Road Closure or Detour,Fun Run, Street Party

Assists Contractors to comply with the requirement for any person intending to close a road corridor to apply for, and obtain, approval prior to the commencement of works...

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Essential Infrastructure Owners

beforeUdig can be used by any utilities, local authorities or similar organisations that wants to protect its underground assets from damage and interruption...

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