New Zealand Certified Locator Program

Training Providers

Cost of training with these providers is the responsibility of the candidate and payment arrangements need to be confirmed with the training organisation. beforeUdig has no financial relationship with the below training providers and neither recommends or accepts responsibility for the outcome of training provided by them. This information is provided to assist candidates in their search for appropriate training.

Online Training

Locate Management Institute – Utility Advanced Line Locating

This 1 day (up to 8 hours) online utility locator training course is aimed at developing knowledge and skills associated with locating underground utilities. This utility locator training course provides an Underground Facility Locator (UFL) advanced solutions to abnormal operating conditions (AOCs). This e-learning utility locator training course was developed with input from industry subject matter experts and has been specifically tailored for New Zealand conditions. It details the necessary methods and procedures to safely perform utility locates as per applicable regulatory requirements, acts and industry best practices. Included in this utility locator training course: Online quizzes and a final exam. Certificate and wallet card issued upon successful completion.

By taking this online utility locator training course, you will gain an understanding of the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Line Locating
  • Active Locating Methods
  • Passive Locating Methods
  • Advanced Locating Methods
  • Unconventional Locating Methods
  • Problem Solving Methods

NZD $495 + Relevant tax

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Face-to-face Training

The following training providers provide face-to-face training for locators.

Staking U


Staking U Asia Pacific is a specialist training organisation providing utility locating and awareness training to the civil construction and allied industries. Since 1999, Staking University has delivered training courses throughout the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Our highly skilled and experienced instructors provide both classroom and practical instruction that benefits all levels of industry, from excavators and locators to safety departments and management teams. We can train on any EM locating machine, with a specific focus on the practical use of EM machines and how they fit into the excavation process on site. All Staking U trainers have extensive field experience in the locating industry.

Staking U provides training for a range of clients, from small locate companies to local councils, tier one contractors and asset owners.

Staking U website



As Industry leaders our goal is to provide training and education programmes across a wide variety of fields. We strive to provide a high level of industry training and knowledge needed to ensure exemplary practice on site.

Sharing co-branded partnerships with industry specialists has aided us in ensuring we are developing best practice industry practitioners.

Through our education and training centres we aim to promote compliance of industry practice, which refers to the ability to work unsupervised, demonstrating knowledge and skills that reflect the productivity, uniformity, finish quality, interpretation of results, and material economies currently accepted within the industry.

Training courses are made up of shared global industry information, sourced from industry practitioners, specialists, instrument manufacturers, and recognised training establishments. This wealth of information has been gathered and compiled by our own company specialists and composed for delivery at NZ Industry level.

Our training facilitators also carry additional industry certified training and knowledge accreditation in key fields such as electromagnetics, ground penetrating radar, ultrasonics, surveying, engineering, gas inspection, thermography and various PPE safety practices.

Our ultimate goal is to assist in raising the standards of onsite practice all over the South Pacific through specialised training, development, service, certification, and quality technologies.

Accurate website



New Zealand's utility location industry body, Nulca NZ, is committed to making professional training and career development options accessible to anyone interested in the sector. If you are starting as a Locator, or you are a professional wanting to lift your skills or knowledge, you can contact NNZ for guidance on the options available to you.

NULCA NZ website




*beforeUdig and PelicanCorp has no relationship with these providers and bears no responsibility for the outcome of training provided by them.