New Zealand Certified Locator Program

Locators in New Zealand now have the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge tested and certified by industry experts. The certification will formally recognise a locator has a proven capability standard to complete all types of location work to accepted industry standards.

The interest levels have been high and we anticipate many locators will want to obtain this independent certification of competency. We believe it will encourage individuals, companies and utilities to distinguish themselves from DIY or self-authorised locators, as well as raising awareness of the importance of continued professional development and training.

The beforeUdig Locator Certification has launched hot on the heels of newly formed NULCA NZ, the industry association representing underground service Locators and those involved in locating and protecting New Zealand's underground infrastructure. This and other initiatives throughout the country in damage prevention and training shows the groundswell of change within our industry and brings us more in line with Australia, the US and Canada. I’m confident it won’t be long until we have some world-leading contributions to make to the global industry.

Steps to becoming a Certified Locator

Step 1: An online Self-Assessment;

Step 2: An online Theory Exam;

Step 3: A field-based Practical Exam (2-3 hours).

To find out all you need to know about becoming a Certified Locator and to take the FREE Self-assessment, just CLICK HERE

What do you need to know about AS5488 Webinar?

We recorded our recent webinar about AS5488 - this is a must-view if you are considering becoming a beforeUdig Certified Locator.

Presented by Innes Fisher, President NULCA NZ, this webinar will help you understand AS5488 and its application to utility location in New Zealand. Familiarity with the Standard and the quality level definitions is an essential part of preparing for the beforeUdig Certified Locator theory and practical assessments. CLICK HERE to access the full content.

Start your training planning today

Although beforeUdig does not provide training we have outlined some options on our website for online and face-to-face training. CLICK HERE to check out the Training page on our beforeUdig Certified Locator website.