When: 02 April 2020

Where: Caroline Bay Hall | Timaru | 8AM – 12PM


beforeUdig Damage Prevention Workshop is a knowledge platform for the One Call industry in New Zealand. We gather specialists from this segment to cover all stages of the excavation process, presenting the best practices and trends to ensure the protection of underground infrastructure. As a result, the event presents relevant content delivered by renowned professionals.

The previous event was held in Waikato. The workshop was designed to provide an opportunity for contractors, network designers and those undertaking excavation to interact with Waikato Utilities and industry bodies. The event provided quality content provided by specialized professionals. It was possible to share experiences, case studies and discuss the industry’s best practices. In other words, it is highly recommended for professionals looking for the latest damage prevention trends.

We believe all attendees were benefited from the investment of their time. They were rewarded with insights and knowledge that will keep their workmates safe, helping to improve the work practices to better protect assets and avoid damages.

beforeUdig NZ has been providing innovative software and services to Utilities, Asset Owners and the Global Before-You-Dig industry, protecting billions of dollars in essential infrastructure assets worldwide. With our network of partners and customer base, we focus on delivering solutions for the protection of critical infrastructure and business continuity around the world.

Audience: Government agents, Utilities, Locators, Excavators, Contractors, Plumbers, Planners, Developers, Farmers, Land Surveyors, Builders, Landscapers





Alpine Energy   Chorus   Timaru District Council

Event Details

Event Date 02 Apr 2020 8:00 am
Event End Date 02 Apr 2020 12:00 pm
Location Caroline Bay Hall, Timaru