beforeUdig is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of the beforeUdig Certified Locator programme. 

Locators will now have the opportunity to have their skills and knowledge certified by industry experts. The certification will formally recognise a locator has a proven capability standard to complete all types of location work to accepted industry standards. This will distinguish them from ‘DIY’ or self-authorised locators as well as identifying them to potential clients and employers as having demonstrated a high level of understanding and practical expertise.

Becoming a Certified Locator

Step 1: An online Self-Assessment;

Step 2: An Online Theory Exam;

Step 3: A field-based Practical Exam (2-3 hours).

Certification Launch Date & Training Options

We are now ramping up to launch the beforeUdig Certified Locator website in September, which will allow candidates to complete the self-assessment and theory components. The first practical exams are planned for November.

As soon as we launch the website, we will advise you it’s live. There will be plenty of information available (including FAQ’s) that will enable you to make an informed decision about whether certification is right for you. You’ll be able to assess your readiness to proceed or engage in further training.

The certification does not include training; it is purely designed to certify competence. However, we will be highlighting face-to-face training providers. At this stage, I am pleased to advise that beforeUdig has been working with Training Provider Locate Management from Canada, who have prepared a one-day online training course for New Zealand Locators.

Click here to access the training course.

How do you sign up?

As many in the industry are motivated to be early adopters of the Certification, I would like to receive ‘expressions of interest’ from Locators wanting to be certified. This will assist us in planning assessment dates, determining the most popular main centres for practical exams, and coordinating our accessors. Initially, accessors will be from Australia where the certification programme has been running for several years. I’ll provide profiles of accessors soon.

Are you interested? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and send your contact details.

Programme Development

Originating in Australia the programme was developed by DBYD with input from asset owners and technical oversight by NULCA Australia. It has been modified slightly to accommodate for subtle differences in New Zealand.

Development of the New Zealand programme is a significant investment of time and collateral, both upfront and over the next 5 years. The fees we charge for Locators to gain Certification will contribute to the running of the programme, with the remainder covered by beforeUdig. The investment to run the programme includes licensing, the technology platform used to manage all facets of the certification process and the provision of qualified assessors for the 2-3 hour practical exam.

beforeUdig is pleased to make the investment, as our main goal is to add value to the industry we serve by reducing damage to underground infrastructure and achieving better health & safety outcomes.

We trust you are as excited as we are with this initiative and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best Regards,

Andrew Healy
beforeUdig Country Manager