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Local Authorities (Councils) and Road Authorities require any person intending to dig in the road corridor to apply for and have approved prior to the commencement of works, a Road Opening Consent. PelicanCorp is the owner of the beforeUdig and CorridorAccess services in New Zealand.

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Locating assets

While registering your dig location, beforeUdig provides an option for users to request a person, known as a locator, to identify an asset.

What does a Locator do?

Locators provide an onsite service to assist in specifically identifying underground services. Some asset owners or utilities require a locator to be onsite before any works commence. Locators can provide peace of mind and a confirmation of the presence of underground services.

Does it cost money to request a Locator?

Some registered asset owners and utilities provide a service for a locator to visit a proposed excavation site and mark the location of the owner’s underground infrastructure. A request for a locator can be made through the beforeUdig service. Please note that some asset owners and utilities may charge a fee to provide this service and it is recommended to discuss these fees with the relevant asset owners and utilities before the start of any excavation activity. These services are not under the control of beforeUdig and therefore beforeUdig is not responsible for the provision of these services or any associated fees.

Do all Asset Owners provide Locators?

Not all asset owners provide locators. The beforeUdig system identifies which members do and do not supply asset locator services. These details will be provided to you on your caller confirmation sheet.

How do I arrange a time to meet on site?

The asset owner will contact you once you have submitted your dig site details with beforeUdig. In most cases this is within 2 days. You will need to liaise with the asset owner once you have submitted your dig site details and received your beforeUdig caller confirmation sheet. Always quote the sequence number shown on your caller confirmation sheet to the relevant asset owner.

Note: It is free to use the beforeUdig service to gather information on the possible presence of underground assets in and around your proposed excavation site. However, some utilities and local government organisations may charge to supply plans and locate these services. Please check with the relevant asset owners listed on your confirmation sheet if you require more information on these possible charges. The information supplied by beforeUdig about asset owners who may have underground assets in or around your proposed excavation site may not include all affected asset owners. It is your sole responsibility to ascertain if there are any other asset owners in or around your proposed excavation site. The information supplied by beforeUdig is solely to assist you in this process.