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Local Authorities (Councils) and Road Authorities require any person intending to dig in the road corridor to apply for and have approved prior to the commencement of works, a Road Opening Consent. PelicanCorp is the owner of the beforeUdig and CorridorAccess services in New Zealand.

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Transpower leads the way with safety and asset protection

Transpower was operating a radio network for all internal information back from their power grid. An upgrade process took place in 2009 which resulted in challenges such as protection of their underground assets as well as how to respond to enquiries with utility plans.

Transpower signed up as members of the beforeUdig service to protect their assets and provide safety to contractors and opted for PelicanCorp's TicketAccess solution to efficiently automate their response service.

By combining their membership with the beforeUdig service and TicketAccess,Transpower have standardised their asset protection and operational health and safety processes.

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