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Local Authorities (Councils) and Road Authorities require any person intending to dig in the road corridor to apply for and have approved prior to the commencement of works, a Road Opening Consent. PelicanCorp is the owner of the beforeUdig and CorridorAccess services in New Zealand.

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PlanAccess is an online service that manages and collates your beforeUdig responses into individual Job Packs providing significant cost and time savings by eliminating what has traditionally been a resource intensive process.

PlanAccess is an online portal providing a single interface for beforeUdig response management. Eliminate email responses filling your inbox, track the status of the responses and receive alerts when Job Packs are complete. Download Job Packs individually or in groups to easily share amongst your workforce.

PlanAccess receives and stores the asset location responses from asset owners instead of being directly emailed to the requestor. PlanAccess automatically collates the responses into a Job Pack; a collection of all responses for a single beforeUdig enquiry. There is no longer a need to track responses against enquiry confirmation sheets.

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PlanAccess automatically collates beforeUdig 
responses into individual Job Packs

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Automated workflow and alerts provide
simple Job Pack tracking

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No in-house server storage or
software requirements

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Delivers a single, real-time view of BUD
Job Packs across multiple users

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Receive real time alerts allowing for
jobs to be actioned immediately

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PlanAccess can be securely accessed anytime,
anywhere from a web browser


The advantage of PlanAccess is that electronic asset location responses from the utilities and other asset owners are transmitted to PlanAccess instead of the directly to the requester.

PlanAccess then aggregates the responses into job Packs, a collection of all responses from all utilities for a specific job request. When all responses have been received the requestor is notified that their Pack is ready for download – all with one click.

The responses are available to all PlanAccess members of the Requestor’s organisation – no need to forward multiple emails. Requestors can also monitor the status of their request and its responses at any time via the dashboard interface.

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"Utility Location Services has had a unique opportunity to participate in the testing of PlanAccess for the New Zealand beforeUdig service.
PlanAccess will significantly improve the management of utility plan requests"

Innes Fisher, Utility Location Service